Afternoons with Access

Access Travel and Tours hosted their second wave of #AfternoonsWithAccess, shortly after the successful first batch last April. And yes, I was one of the attendees of this exclusive event!

It was held in Early Bird Breakfast Club, an all-day breakfast restaurant in Libis.

Miss Jo welcomed us with a bag of goodies, yey!

The event started by introducing ourselves and sharing how many places we have been already. And guess how many countries Access Travel has been in to? 46! Yep you’ve seen it right! Amazing right? As for me, I haven’t gone out of the country yet, but I have visited 14 provinces already, and Gigantes Islands is my favorite! 

Then, of course, the introduction of the face behind Access Travel, the ever so funny and down-to-earth, Miss Angely. She’s really so simple and funny too!

Paula, Me, Ms. Angely

We moved along to the bucket list of the team. I could not remember everything (I know I should’ve taken down notes!) but Morocco and Turkey were among the list. Mine were Paris and Russia. 🙂

Last but the best part was the Q&A portion wherein we could ask whatever we want for Miss Angely to answer. It was fun since we only are a small group so we were really able to interact with one another.

Hello Jessica, Karla and Paola! And shout out to Paula whom I had the pleasure chitchatting to even after the event. No, there’s no typo. I met Paula and Paola. 😉

Here’s our group picture! (Photo from Access Travel FB page)


And my OOTD (since not visible in the group pic haha)!

Dress from H&M

By the way, these are the goodies from the event: sunglasses from Sunnies Studios, leather key chains and cord organizer from Cocooni, vouchers from Wanderskye and Early Bird Breakfast Club, and our very own Access Travel passport!


Additional gifts from Benefit Cosmetics! ❤️

Follow Access Travel on Instagram for updates on their next afternoon session. 😉



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