Manila Fashion Festival F/W 2016

I was only supposed to register to attend Manila Fashion Festival. Upon browsing the site, I stumbled upon the Intern option, and I knew I’m not only watching this fashion show!

After three days, I received a confirmation email from Sir Ed of MFF. ~Sooo kiliiig~

On the day of orientation, I found out everyone registered for a Photographer internship. I approached Sir Ed and told him that I registered for a Production Assistant. He said it was fine, and I too, will do photography. My jaw dropped (only inside my head), but I didn’t complain since a chance like this doesn’t come my way frequently. TBH, I have little to no knowledge on using DSLR! But thanks to my supportive boyfriend (he lent me his camera – a Nikon D3100), Sir Ed (taught me some basics) and my new found friends (shoutout to Elaine, Stepfen and Justin!), I was able to take a few ~decent~ shots and enjoy the experience.

So enough of the backstory, sharing with you some of my favorite shots (and dresses!) from MFF (Day 1 and 4 only). These are raw/unedited photos. Please be kind to newbies!

from Anthony Ramirez’s Madamoiselle collection


from Cheetah Rivera’s Bem! Bem! Maria collection


from Jaz Cerezo’s El Camino collection


from Azucar’s La Danse de la Feminite collection


from Sari Lazaro’s Viajeros del Pasado collection


from Aderans X Lourd Ramos (Day 4)


P.S. Thanks to these guys for the unforgettable experience!

(L-R) Stepfen, Me, Elaine, Justin



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