Four years of togetherness

Time flies when you’re having fun. Such a clichè, yes, but I can’t really believe we’re celebrating our fourth year already! ❤️

For this year, we chose to celebrate our anniversary in Ninyo Fusion Cuisine, a fine dining restaurant – one we haven’t tried yet since our past 3 anniversaries we have opted travelling (locally) – to try degustation.

Dégustation is the careful, appreciative tasting of various foods, focusing on the gustatory system, the senses, high culinary art and good company. Dégustation is more likely to involve sampling small portions of all of a chef’s signature dishes in one sitting. – Wikipedia

The place is so romantic. Perfect for dates!

Hello handsome! 💋

Starting off with Eye Spy Cabernet Merlot. Cheers!

For the appetizer: Trio of Oyster. Oyster rockefeller topped with red lumpfish caviar (ebiko), wasabi fried oyster with citrus mayo dressing, and baked oyster with foie gras.

Next, we were asked if we wanted a soup or a salad and we said both so we can taste the two.

Pumpkin Soup

Shiitake Confit Salad – with honey ponzu dressing sprinkled with crispy julienned tofu, seasonal fruits and assorted mixed greens.

I prefer this salad more than the soup not only because it’s a better value for money but also since it tastes really good!

Next, this yummy calamansi sorbet. Probably to clean our palate for the main course 😊

Here comes the entrèe!

Honey Glazed Grilled Salmon – with sweet citrus miso sauce served with light wasabi potato, grilled asparagus, and demi-fried tomato.

And U.S. Braised Short Ribs – in mixed mushroom miso au jus, served with shiitake mushroom risotto and konbu marinated seasonal vegetables.

Both are delicious but I liked the salmon dish better. 😋

For the dessert, a choice of chocolate cake and mango pavlova, and yes, we ordered both again!

Chocolate! Chocolate! Cake

Mango Pavlova 

To be honest, get the Mango Pavlova instead since the Chocolate cake itself tastes ordinary. The fruits and the milk on the side is a good twist though!

All smiles for our happy tummies 😋

And to make this night more memorable than it already is, here’s a love-lock just like in Paris!

And of course, my OOTN! 💃

Top/Dress from Stradivarius

P.S. Long and cheesy messages not anymore included in this post, hahaha! 😛 



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