Eco-friendly Personal Care Tools

It comes in 3’s – this will be a new *series* for me basically to share my thoughts (anything under the sun!) with you, in threes. 🙂

UPDATE: Changed the series to “KrengsList” where I’ll be sharing my random *lists* with you. Click here for more.

Starting this off with three personal care tools I use regularly, and their corresponding environment-friendly alternatives. And they’re budget-friendly too, you’re welcome!

Cotton buds
Use: Aural hygiene, cosmetics application
Usual material: Plastic stem
Read: The Cotton Bud Project
What to look for next time: Paper stems

Recommendation: Babyflo Absorbent Cotton Buds, P24.75/108 tips

Fret not, these paper stems are pliable!

Blotting films
Use: Remove excess oil from face
Usual material: Plastic film
Read: Plastic now pollutes every corner of Earth
What to look for next time: Paper sheets

Try: Pretty Secret Oil Blotting Paper, P49/60 sheets

I’ve tried several paper blotting sheets before and I dislike how they get so easily torn apart. But this one does not! Plus it comes in different variations of natural ingredients too!

Wet wipes
Use: Quick cleaning purposes (e.g. personal hygiene, makeup removal)
Usual material: Plastic fibers
Read: Why you should avoid buying wet wipes
What to look for next time: Paper towels or a washcloth

Try: Femme Interfolded Paper Towels (100% virgin pulp), P41.75/175 pulls

Paper towels are better than tissues since they can hold/absorb liquids, i.e. water or cleansing oil. You can even make your own wet wipes with them!

A little change won’t hurt, especially if it will benefit our environment.
So switch now, yes? 🙂



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  1. Eya says:

    Learned something new! Thank you for this. 🙂 Now looking forward for another post under your “It Comes in 3’s” series. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen says:

      Thanks Miss Eya! 😊


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