Japan (Tourist) Visa Requirements

Just as I am excited to share my recent trip in Japan, I thought of sharing with you first a quick guide on how to get a Japan Visa. 🙂

There are different types of visa, and this one only covers Tourist Visa (since this is the one I applied for) wherein applicant will shoulder his/her travel expenses.

Note: All documents must be original, unless otherwise stated.

1. Philippine passport
Must be signed
Must have at least two (2) blank pages

2. NSO Birth Certificate 
Must be issued within 1 year from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)
I ordered mine online (P350): PSA Helpline PH

3. Marriage Certificate (if married)
Must be issued within 1 year from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

4. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) / BIR-2316
Clear photocopy

5. Bank Certificate
Must be issued within 3 months
I was charged P100 for this, though I’m not sure if all banks do (charge) and if of the same rate. 

6. Accomplished Visa Application Form (download here)
Print in A4 size only
Use black ballpen
Do not fold
All items must be filled out, put NA if not applicable (click here for sample)

7. Photo (4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background)
Remove accessories/jewelries (i.e. earrings, headbands, eyeglasses, etc.)
Hair must not obscure facial features
Computer enhanced image is not accepted
Must be taken within 6 months
Paste on the application form

8. Daily schedule in Japan (download template here)

When you have prepared all of the above requirements, next step is to choose an accredited travel agency to process your visa application.

Effective 30th July 2007, all (Japan) visa applications except special cases must be coursed through travel agencies accredited by the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.

For list of accredited agencies, click here.

Temporary visitor visa for Philippine Nationals is gratis (without charge/free).

However, since these agencies are private enterprises, a handling fee is necessary for processing the application. Handling fee ranges from P800-P1500.

At least one (1) week / five (5) working days from the date of acceptance by the Embassy is necessary to process and release passports to the accredited agencies.

If visa is issued, passport with visa will be returned. If visa is denied, only the passport will be returned.

My friends and I applied thru Discovery Tour, Inc. in Makati for P800. I got mine in as fast as 3 days! And no, they do not disclose results via phone. Personal appearance is required.

Aside from the passport, all documents submitted for application will not be returned.

If (knock on wood) visa is not granted, reason for denial will not be disclosed even if an inquiry is made. But don’t worry because you may re-apply after six months. 🙂

That’s pretty much it! Not that difficult right? I hope this helps and ganbarou!

For other types of visa and more information, you may check out Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.



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