Japan Day 1: Asakusa and Odaiba

Before actually proceeding with our Day 1 in Japan, let me introduce you first to my amazing acquaintances, Zin and Grace. This is the three of us waiting in NAIA terminal.

#lighting hahaha!
Trivia: We were all born in May 🙂 

We flew via Jetstar (shout-out to Ms. Rio!) and left at exactly 12:40am, Manila time.


We arrived at Narita Airport at around 6am. Yes, breakfast time! Of course, I had to grab a (mini) seafood cup noodle and a tuna mayo onigiri (rice ball).


We also claimed our 72 hours (3 days) unlimited access Tokyo subway ticket which Grace purchased from Klook (P505 each) a couple of days before our trip. There is also a choice of 24 or 48 hours, depending on your length of stay. For more information, click here.


1. Get this ticket since it’s way lot cheaper than buying in the actual subway stations, 1 day unlimited pass costs Y600 (approx P300) for Tokyo line alone and Y900 (approx P450) for Tokyo + Toei line. 
2. If you want to save even more (which we did), sign up with Klook and you’ll be given a discount code. We saved almost P200 for each ticket!

Then, we purchased our bus ticket to Tokyo (Y1000 each). Their buses have free wifi! And I forgot to mention, there’s also free wifi in the airport. Very useful since we don’t have a travel wifi (wireless modem) with us.


It took us more or less an hour to reach Tokyo station. And since our check in time with our hotel is still at 3pm, we already started our trip. This time, we took the Tokyo Metro. Again, there is free wifi in subway stations!

tokyo map

Yes, Tokyo Metro seems complex (looks like a PCB design to me!) but you’ll get the hang of it. *wink* Don’t worry, you can find a free map in every station. OR better yet, download Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists. It’s a free app and works even without internet connection!

Our first (official) district to visit, Asakusa. This is where I first saw an actual torii (iconic Japanese gate which typically marks an entrance to shrines).


Also, it quite surprised me that there are many tourists (mostly Asians) since it is a weekday. And thus, this picture:


Before you get to the temple, you will be passing by a street lined with stores which sell various souvenir items.



And then the main gate:



From here, you can also have a view of the Tokyo Skytree.


Past the main gate, you will already see the temple:


So since it’s almost 3pm already, we decided to go to our hostel to check-in and finally leave our baggage.

1 Night 1980 Hostel in Iriya

Zin booked this capsule hostel via Booking, and no reservation fee is required. We paid a total of Y11,100 (P5,000) each upon check-in for 6D/5N stay.

Here, we were provided with our own access card (with our capsule “room” number) along with the key to our respective locker. We were then given a brown bag (provided everyday!) with a set of toiletries. Also, free wifi!


This is what the capsule “room” looks like:


We then went to the nearest konbini (convenience store) in our place, that is Ministop, to grab a quick lunch and a breakfast for the next day. Wasn’t able to take a picture of our lunch (we were so hungry!) but I love that their food is so fresh! They don’t stock up for more than a day so leftovers for the night are pre-packed and with a lower price. And yes, that’s what we bought for dinner!

Not only that, their konbinis also have free wifi and clean toilets!

Oh, and here’s what we bought for breakfast:



I know this post is getting lengthy but promise this is the last part, Odaiba!

To reach Odaiba, we have to transfer to Yurikamome line, ticket costs Y320 (one-way). 


Daikanransha, the world’s tallest Ferris wheel in 1999.


Fountain plaza inside VenusFort mall:


Man made beach


and Rainbow bridge


Statue of Liberty replica


Finally going home after a looong day! Felt like we’ve been here for 3 days already (haha!) after a tiring but a very fulfilling day.


I hope I’ve somehow brought you with us in our first day in Japan! Until day 2! 🙂



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