Must-have (tourist) apps in Tokyo

Going to a country where English is not a very *familiar* language can be tricky.

These are the apps which helped A LOT in our recent Japan trip, and yes Tokyo to be more particular since app#1 is exclusive to this prefecture.

These applications are all FREE and available in both App Store and Play Store, you’re welcome!

1. Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists

Starting this off with the most helpful (and used) one, a navigation app for Tokyo Subway system (Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway).


I looove how very user-friendly this app is.


Just click or enter departure and destination station, click Search, and voila!
You can also select stations based on nearby landmark / tourist spot by clicking the lower left icon (the tower with magnifying glass one).

It displays how long (time), how many transfers (change of train line), and how much (fare) it will take to reach the destination.

As you can also see, it indicates whether a certain station offers free Wi-Fi.

Plus, it also has a guide on what exit (number) to take to reach a more particular destination / landmark.


And the bonus part? It works offline! Yes yes and yeesss!

2. Japan Connected free Wi-Fi

If you have read my Japan Day 1 post, you would know that this app came in handy!


Free wifi spots in Japan (specifically Tokyo) are almost everywhere, from your own hotel to konbinis and subways. However, connecting to the wifi can be a bit of a hassle since, of course, you have to register to each and every one hotspot.

And this is where this app provides convenience. It only requires one-time registration!

The only downside I noticed is that you have to manually trigger it to reconnect.

3. Learn Japanese – Phrasebook for Travel in Japan

You’re in (or planning to go to) Japan, so why not try to speak and learn the Japanese language? It’s fun talking to the locals and inserting some Japanese words/phrases here and there!


This app includes hundreds of essential words and phrases recorded by a native speaker.


Pick a desired category (e.g. Greetings), tap a specific word/phrase and presto! It will offer you translation in both written and oral form!

You also have the options to a. playback audio at slower speed (just click the snail icon) b. simply search by (English) word/s inside the app (just click the magnifying glass iconc. store words/phrases in favorites (just click the heart icon). And yes, it works offline too!

Later on, you can decide to upgrade to PRO for more content!


There you have it! If you want, you can download these apps now and play with them so by the time you arrive in Japan, you’re familiar with them already. 🙂


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